Achieve wholeness at work

How do we welcome and include whole people in the workplace?  Organizations often call their employees the "workforce."  Ultimately, this word symbolizes that people tend to be seen as human-doers over human-beings.

As leaders, we must remember that our employees are not our "workforce" but our "life force." More than just the key competitive advantage to attaining our business goals, they are human beings who come to work in search for wholeness.  By creating a culture where people's various identities and experiences are honored and respected, you tap into the talent and potential on your team that's waiting to explode.

Consulting Testimonial: 

"Sarah Super provided our graduate faculty members from St. Catherine University's Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program with a stellar professional development experience!  From her collaborative planning with the faculty team to her skillful facilitation of both large and small group learning, she connected personally and professionally with participants and fully engaged them in productive exchanges on challenging topics. A great day of learning!"    

-Rebecca Hawthorne, Director of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, St. Catherine University